How to train the intuition and make it as my leverage?

In this topic I would like to talk about how to train the intuition and how to make it as leverage, as you know that intuition is one of unlimited power which is given by God to human being, the intuition can be transformed as sole guidance to help human being to determine the target the conscious mind really insists, the intuition sometimes can be used by human to find the character which is matched for himself and also the intuition can be used by human being to create the power of focus in order to achieve the excellent things in his various fields of endeavor.

What’s relation between the leverage and the intuition, we can try to represent the intuition is considered as the fuel, and the leverage is considered as the generator machine, please look at the bullet train, from that example implies the bullet train can run faster till 300-350 km/hour because of the combination from the fuel and the generator machine.

The generator machine can help the train to accelerate the bullet train’s speed in order to achieve the target in scheduled time, if you want to find leverage and consider it as one of your utmost power, you must have the attractive character which is making human being willingly to value you as the trustworthy person and worthy, if you can’t be trustworthy, you will not get any leverage from someone else’s help.

The first step to train the intuition is finding your character and you must have a deep belief to your own dignity, the second step is you must have a vision to navigate your intuition to do something precisely. The third step is you must be resourceful man who helps somebody else finding the solution. From three steps above, hopefully it will widen your gaze and you find as much as leverage to achieve the target in time.