How to utilize the power of habit in circumstance

In this topic I would like to elucidate the power of habits, the habit is part of the automatic program which let someone will do everything without thinking again, the habit is be formed into two kind, the first is personal’s habit and the second is the regulation which is agreed by group of people in society, for the individual person’s habits means that he creates his own habit without any interference from other side, and he will stay into the circle of habit he made, for the regulation’s habit means it will arrange the people’s activity and also it impels people to follow.

There‘s similar purpose between personal’s habit and the regulation’s habit namely controlling the object, when someone creates the habit, the natural energy will flow where his concentration comes out, the habits is like a robotic machine which is programmed by us, once we set it up, it will automatically run unstoppable, so in this section you must be careful because the habit is the supreme power, the habit will work for someone’s rule or someone will be ruled by habit.

In public circumstance, there are many regulations which force us to follow unless we don’t like it, the first thing you should do to utilize the power of habit is you have to recognize what is your passion then you must know what kind of potential energy is working in your daily’s activity program, don’t let your program will make you feeling retarded in the comfort zone, if it’s happening in your life, you will become a custody from your own. If you want to utilize the power of habit, you must upgrade your passion into visionary.

The habit also can help you to navigate where your purpose goes, once you succeed to destroy the power of habit, you will open the unlimited wealth within your soul, you must remember when you win upon the power of habit, there is the consequent and bring the big impact to you namely feeling extremely complicated.

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