Is overthinking is a sign of anxiety?

In this topic I would like to talk about anxiety, that type of character will influence the human being’s emotion feeling to taste sign of desperation because he is too worry or scared about something mysterious which it will happen or not, so we can return to the topic, is overthinking is sign of anxiety? The answer is absolutely yes, because anxiety is the result from the unsystematic thinking.

All we need to do to help someone who has suffered of anxiety is letting him go to the favorite place or memorable thing for moment and teach him how to praise and thankful to God about everything which is happening in this life, besides that overthinking can reduce someone’s power of focus, we can take one example as the laser beam’s working, when we shoot the laser beam to the steel wall, the laser beam just reduce the variability and focus on one purpose, without any uncertain or anxiety, the laser beam can penetrate the steel wall with the tiny spot which is formed a circle, the laser beam will not let happen it’s power will decrease, in addition the particle of laser beam power can shoot and it produces a significant result.

When we realize there are many people out there are losing their power due to output his power to focus on anxiety state, sometimes we need to teach someone to behave like children, you see when the children is crawling staggered on the floor because he doesn’t realize what will happen to him and he doesn’t recognize who he is and what activity he is doing, so he just listen to the speaker and express his feeling by crawling to the source of voice, I suggest before you keep thinking over and over again, you would better to muse something different and follow your intuition, the intuition comes from the emotional feeling which transform into human’s talent.