The Power of urge in life

                  In this section I would like to discuss about the power of urge, it contains about how you make a deal with something important to what you considered, normally some people will not consider something to be important thing because they are not feeling enthusiasm to their life but if they are feeling urged, they will take the risk and do everything they need in order to achieve the target.
Life is not talking about how sooner or later, life is always running urged as quick as the time is running, but unfortunately very few people understand and also some of them intend to consider everything they do is part of playing game, some of them do for the funny thing, some of them do for getting a promotion from the company they work for, they do for cheating people’s benefit.

The people should learn about the life’s system when they want to live with their purpose of life, life’s system is running from the start and never be late to the end because a life believes the success is not coming from the urgency, the success is coming from the every little progress being made In the past without being caught by human’s rush hour.
The power of urge will influence the person who loves so much about time, he will do everything as long as the time will not be delayed running, the power of urge will give you the progression report in everyday circumstance and you will not find any loss although you are failed in making some progress because the power of urge will not give you any loss but in return it gives you hope unknowingly

When you decide to use the power of urge in your life, you will have more gurus in your life whom will give you a feedback and you will be receiving the teaching of life from time, time will not pursue you to complete everything but time will give you an opportunity over and over again. The more opportunity you create the more success you will gain it, the less opportunity you create the more problem will approach you, so I would suggest you not to wait the opportunity from somebody else or society, but create the opportunity by using the power of urge in your artificial daily activity.