What are the interests?

In this topic I would like to talk about what are interests? Does it have particular meaning from it, interest is part of the human’s satisfaction, it will help you to recognize the particular object and you can waste your time in order to get feeling satisfaction from it.
By utilizing your interest, you just enjoy the object in the short time period, besides that you can express your largest lust to the object, maybe you will think and make a question “are interest can be one of my legacies?” of course interest is part of human resources and it becomes your legacies, but you must notice without any of interest, the human being has no activity to create the creativity or making something to be meaningless.

One of the human’s interests can be transformed into hobby when you want to explore and to deepen the knowledge about it, but if you are just wishing something without any passionate; your own resourcefulness will be an interest only, not evolve.
Please expand your interest to be unstoppable activity when you want to get better result from it, such as hobby, because when you already get older, your hobby can be handed down to your next generation and you unintentionally give the assistance, give help, give tips, give support to somebody else.

Feeling of interest existence can’t make you feel a vision ahead and you will be stuck to one time, when you want to repeat the circumstance with it, you always be stuck to one time, no progress, it’s just looping. I have figured it out of my mind and hopefully it will inspire you to improve your interests, this is example of interest: playing game station, idle to the mall, watch Film Theater, buy cloth, buy house, buy luxurious car, Etc.

There’s one thing you should remember, when your resources can’t be developed to the new field of endeavor, you should leave it because that’s part of wasting time by making interest, the figure of interest can be transformed to good purpose or bad purpose, but if your interest can be developed or can be trained from one time to another, that’s become your new resourcefulness.


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