What cause the human can’t concentrate to achieve the target?

Today In this topic I would like to talk about what cause the human can’t concentrate to achieve target, at the first point I would like to remind you, the power of concentration can work precisely when there’s ability to think about the attractive image or sound and they will push your focus power to achieve something at the present time, so the concentration can’t work when it reflected in the moment which was happening in yesterday or tomorrow.

                                         it's Dangled in another time

We can’t just let our mind was dangled in the past time because the potential energy can be applied successfully when our conscious mind gives the command to do something at the present time,  time has an authority to give the extra power to human being when he is entering in the concentration mode.

I will give you the detailed information and describe how the concentration really works; now imagine that you are just aiming Frisbee to your friend, when Frisbee flew over, its power can’t reach to your friend position, then you keep trying to fly Frisbee over sky until your concentration power is growing up and reaching to your target.

Basically the human concentration’s function is working based on the result of repetitious habit; the power of habit is just enlarging your inner power volume, your main job is following your intuition which it says” this is your moment what you can do”, the intuition is working at maximum rate and showing the nod approval once the human’s conscious mind already detects the main character of human liking.

There are several methods to increase the concentration, the first step is defusing the past time’s difficult situation by changing your focus and imagining the new image which it can inspire you and drive you to the solution image, the second step is keep focusing to the attractive object and observing it to every details point until you have nowhere else to go for temporary time period.