What difference between calm and silent

In this topic I would like to share what different between calm and silent in the daily situation, i know that being calm person to face a problem is not easy because our emotion feeling will refuse how to be calmer, and also the content of problem will become bigger and make our mindset to be frozen, keeping calm is part of tactic how to create vision in problem solving.

When someone tries to put the power of focus to problem, his mind will make a question “how can I do to solve the problem” in that moment you will get a new learning from this life, and you also will find another resources to help you to minimize the risk from the problem’s impact. I will give you a special note to remember in everyday situation that “the nature energy will be activated automatically when you get started to concentrate to what you’re doing
Basically the nature energy in this life is giving you something different when you keep being calm person, at the first you maybe not sure how can calm person will do something works, that’s is particular way how you make yourself to become faithful person once what you have done a target, faith is part of everything in this universe rather than reason because a faith is kind of ability which let you to see the invisible thing and also it makes you believe in the probability which is coming ahead from unknowingly circumstance.
Now we talk about the person who keeps a silent, how much the big impact will cost you when you are keeping silent, when the problem comes to person who usually keeps silent, his nature energy will stop flowing because of his decision he made in the past, keeping silent can create your potential becomes null.

I would like to suggest you that you have to create the positive attitude in yourself , keeping calm describes that you are at peace stage, don’t change it while you have more time because the more you earn the positive mind and the positive soul, the more incredible opportunity will come after you.

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