What do you mean by concentration?

Today I would like talk about the concentration in psychology, this is not the first time the topic will be discussed by many people in this world, when we were kid, we were trained to listen more and more from the adult people, as if we were not having anything precious within ourselves, we were trained to concentrate to listen, speak, write and speak to whomever we have met.

The concentration is small particle of energy which is having the same component substance which it is approaching to the center area, and they move together in order to wait the reaction from the magnetic core in the human brain, the human’s reaction is appeared depending on the human focus, whether he keeps moving or not.

There are several methods to increase the concentration, the first step is defusing the past time’s moment by changing your focus and imagining the new image which it can inspire you and drive you to the solution, the second step is keep focusing and observing it to every details point from the attractive object until you have nowhere else to go for temporary time period.

The concentration can be built by prolonging the consistency structure, the consistency can’t be built by carelessness because it can break the particle of energy’s direction, the concentration can’t be independent without togetherness from the particle of energy, once the concentration’s volume is increasing, it can create the feeling such as decisiveness,obedience,trust, and discipline.

Basically the human concentration is working when there is no obstacle from other people’s influence; sometimes the power of concentration will help human stabilizing the work pressure which is caused by difficult situation, or in the working place.

Be careful when you are eagerness to be lazy person by doing unproductive activity because it is the part of habit which can break the power of concentration because the laziness itself can immobilize the particle of positive energy which is always moving and influencing from one to another.