What does it mean to be conscious in psychology?

In psychology, conscious is part of awareness, they are working when human in active sense mode, all the activity can be overcome when human starts doing with willingness and awareness, conscious can be interpreted as the part of human thinking process and also conscious can give a full power of attention to the attractive object, besides that the conscious can manage the balance between human’s feeling, human’s voice and body’s movement.

Without any conscious power, the unlimited wealth can’t be dug up and also there’s no state of feeling control within, so the conscious has the main role to reveal everything human touches, building the conscious mind is big deal to be understood because the human’s mistake commonly can’t differentiate where he must make a mistake or when he must resolve a mistake and practicing the craft.

The state of Conscious In mind is at freedom age that you can utilize it, whether you are state of being happy or unhappy, being desperate or being humble, the conscious mind can control variety of circumstance, all the thing in this universe is at your capable, it depends on your freewill whether you want life controls you or not. Sometimes the conscious can be diverted to the unconscious when the human loses the power of focus as well as the power of determination.

When we realize that no one can control your conscious mind, all the thing happen in this world is 100 % determined by personal life, we can’t blame to others even though human being has authorized to build the craft, before we design a craft, sometimes we need to recharge our conscious power first, because the conscious has the same capacity as the battery’s, so as human being, we need to take as much as responsibility in order to measure how depth the personal conscious mind’s power. I would suggest don’t let anybody else to steal your state of conscious because if it’s happening to you, you are not going to recognize your resourcefulness.