What does it mean to have a mindset?

In this topic I would like to talk about what so very mean to have a mindset, this is common statement and people must know why mindset is very popular to be elucidated, the mindset is part of habit which can influence the human being to behave in particular situation.

I will give you the more specific example to widen your point of view about the mindset existence, please look at chipset which is embedded to the computer mainboard, there is serial code number to ensure coding area will not offset and serial program is used to measure how fast the chip is compatible with mainboard function, human mindset is like chip Intel 98, it will influence the computer’s program machine to run such as human’s conscious mind which demands the human’s body to achieve the excellence thing.

If human doesn’t have a mindset, he acts like the machine’s function; no purpose of life, no ambition, no feeling, and no future. I would say that in this world there are lot of people are living such machine’s function, they just do the same thing, over and over again but expecting the different result in their life, unfortunately there are many people in this world don’t activate the inner power because they are doing busy every day to survive but not evolve.

They should look back in the past and learn from what they were doing, try to forgive the past and now start to new life with new purpose, there‘s no such coming late to make blueprint, as long as human still exists and has purpose of life in this world, nothing is impossible to reborn.
In the human mindset, there are more than 10 billion nerves which are connecting into each other to activate the unlimited thinking power such mindset, there is prerequisite to do it, human being must possess the positive attitude and the positive mind to unlock the unlimited wealth.