What is the benefit of being nerd in the society life?

Today I would like to talk about the benefit about being nerd in the society life, I would like to give several point of view why being nerd sometimes can bring benefit to the personal life, nerd is part of the human habit who are interested so much the computers.

The world is just symbol, it indicates the human being are living at peace, the humans also need the communication way how to know what other people doing at same time, the nerd people usually utilize the computer technology to make creation in order to attract as many as people in this world.

Sometimes being nerd person, he feels alone, he is not fashioned and also he lacks of friends in the society, this is not major problem at all because the nerd person usually more creative to unite as many as people, rather than the common people who like to see what nerd person is going to do with computer program.

In psychology, the nerd people don’t need as many as the close friend because the computer program has been set to be representative who knows a lot how to understand what the nerd people are thinking about, sometimes the computer program units can evoke the human’s memory to think deeply about the reality life such number zero and number one, in the computer program, number zero means the inactive process data and it will be integrated by combining one or more thing different program data in order to be united program, otherwise the number one is representing the disintegrated process data which makes the numbering valid data become less strong.

Please look at the reality life, when someone wants to learn something new in this life, he must segregate between his soul and his egoism, because egoism will not accept the benefits from any resources, so human needs to disintegrate his program to become (zero). In the human characteristic program, zero means he is humble, calm, relax, unstressed, easy going, etc. (good attitude).