What is the cause of anxiety?

In this topic I would like to talk about the cause of anxiety, this is normal condition which is happening in the human’s life, anxiety is the state of feeling nervous or worry to something bad is going to happen, worrying what it was and what it will be, that’s part of wasting time’s activity, as you know that time is divided into 3 section; past, present and tomorrow. Human being has conscious mind and subconscious mind, the conscious mind only exists when there’s something happen whether there’s good or bad in the present time otherwise the subconscious mind can travel from one space to another one and also it can make breakthrough to the 3 times; past, present and tomorrow.

There are many factors will lead somebody to get anxiety, the first problem is the human has lack of knowledge, the second problem is the human has not enough time to praise to almighty God about the good thing which is happening in the present time, the third problem is the human has idled his power of imagination to memorize the bad things which was happening in the past.

There is no such big deal when you try to memorize something in the past, but you must remember that time never travel return to the past time, because the time’s working is always running forward, the basic reason why people are feeling anxiety because their soul was connected to the past time and it was trapped in.

We can’t blame the time or what kind of circumstance was happening at that time, time is not recycling and back to the past but only human’s conscious mind’s working sometimes is recycling, so if human conscious mind is working such recycling, this is same way with repeating the same mistake again and again to the present time.