What is the difference between interest and hobby?

There’s good thing if you are interested to know, that’s interest and hobby, both activities will accompany you when you have leisure time and keep revealing your innermost feeling to the real object in your surroundings, the meaning of interest is the state of feeling that you have and you want to transfer your feeling to something benefits to you or you want to collect some of information from the object especially the object will make you feel satisfied in one time.

Now we talk about the meaning of hobby, as theory said hobby is kind of activity you want to explore and you want to keep going over and over until you waste your time to do it although you haven’t got any payment from it, when you already master your hobby, you want to expand it to the professional fields, in addition any part of hobby, and the hobby can open your mind to think a lot, feel a lot.

The hobby sometimes can transform itself to be resourcefulness and it helps you to activate your obsessive mind to create creativity; when you do the hobby consistently, it will show you and drive you to the new path where you have never been before, the hobby also can help you to monetize your skillful.
For example; when you play musical instrument as your hobby such piano, one day you will become as pianist, when you are hobby to cook western food, one day you will become western food chief, when you are book reader, one day you will write your own book and publish to all over the world, so based on the vision, hobby is having more meaningful rather than interest’s because hobby will activate your vision becomes reality, hobby is having more various field of endeavor rather than interest’s.