What is the different between imagination and daydream?

In this topic I would like to talk about the similarity between imagination and daydream, if you know that both of them can be utilized to create vision and also create the perception, the power of imagination has been used for human being to make schedule, to design something, to decorate interior, to pain something into the canvas, to change the layout, etc.

The Imagination is giving human being the clue to understand something attractive with his sense, what if we compare between daydream and imagination,   their looks familiar, daydream is the image which can bounce to the someone’s life past and it influences the human being to create the blank of shadow, I assume daydream’s principle is just misleading human being to unessential place.
Whereas the imagination itself can create the path which makes human feels certain to walk to the essential place, besides that by expanding the imagination, it can reflect to human’s subconscious mind and will make the shadows of success in the future; so it depends on someone who believes or not to his power of imagination.

I would suggest you not to try to dangle your power of imagination to somebody else’s imagination because you are going to lose your essential power and also it can immobilize your willpower, no one knows when the truth of imagination is coming unless someone wants to practice his power of imagination in every single day’s ritual, and please keep going with the imagination’s habit because it will give you a strategy to measure how far your progress is up.

Whereas the daydream will not give you progress at all, it just making you enjoy for what you have done but not evolve to the promised ambition, I hope you can start to take the determination to gain the excellence thing in life, there is no meaningful knowledge without any imagination.