What is a growth mindset in education?

In this topic I would like to talk about growth mindset in education, at the school system or at university’s system, every single student’s mindset has been programmed to accept any idea or the lesson teaching method from teacher or perhaps professor, we unintentionally can’t recognize what’s the main purpose of education system, it feels like our brain memory has been controlled earlier to accustom to learn more and listen more from the habitual resources.

At the school every time you make a mistake, the teacher will punish you by giving you a lot of homework and prerequisite quiz, in addition “in the formal education system, the more mistakes you have made the more judgment you will receive and it will get you lost your dignity because every time you make mistake, you will get punishment”, in formal education system you only get the challenge to test your brain memory, this system is like robotic program, it needs guidance, tips, assistant, help, Etc.

I will share the difference between the growth mindset in formal education and the growth mindset in self-education, in the formal education you will learn knowledge from the books or the teachers, you will be given a test, every test, the purpose is to drives you to higher class and there’s always preparation test before you will face the final test, in education system you are not allowed to make more mistake because you have the restricted time to learn something new, that is the reason the formal education system can’t drive you to the unlimited resources.

But if you put your position in self-education system, you will create more mistakes in free time, every time you make a mistake, you will get a feedback from it, every mistake you make, it will get you smarter person, every day you will face the final exam, tomorrow you will face the final exam again and again. Finally you will become life mastery in every education system.