What is human quality?

Today I would like to talk about the human quality, all the values are coming from the quality itself, no matter its part of goods or machine even the human being, and the value will entail the good use for all creatures, quality will entail the consistency how it works for the human satisfaction.
The question is how human can implement his value to prove that he is kind of reliable person by resolving any ghastly problem which may happen, the human quality has many factors to support human being to make something alive and can be handed down to the next generation.

The highest payoff achievement is not considered as the biggest reward for the human quality because much price can’t buy single the value, although there is the highest payment will be waiting for it, but having much value is part of benefits and it can create the renewable resourcefulness, the price can’t make guarantee to make you feeling wisdom because the price is just making you blind.

Every life has value and quality, it can’t be separated, and quality creates consistency whereas the value creates satisfaction, as human being who lives in society, sometimes we can’t be busy person who likes to judge people’s quality because when we start to judge as many as people who live around us, we can’t  take lesson from the people’s quality.

Human’s quality is shaped from good morality and good mentality, having good morality will shape the human’s destiny whereas having good mentality will shape the human’s brain to evolve. Now we are talking about the example both resources. The example of good morality; speaking the truth, keeping promise, honesty, patience, sincerity, love, care, humble, commitment, obey, respect, Etc. the example of good mentality; vision, perseverance, passion, self-motivated, hard-working, decisiveness, Etc.