What is the important about the perception power

In this topic I would like to describe about what’s the important about the perception, as we know the perception is part of human’s power to sense any part of the ideas where it is coming, also the perception is often to be used when group of people are holding the meeting in the convention hall, the perception power usually can detect when there’s object which is connecting to human’s sense.

 The human’s perception often helps human to create the imagination in order to let them be informed about something will happen in the near future, but not everyone can detect his perception because it’s need a lot of practice with his gesture such waving the hand or showing the face to show the particular thing to an object for example: when someone is trying to fix someone else’s idea, he directly shows his face to the particular thing and waving his hand to explain an issue.
The best practice to help you detect and recognize your perception power is contacting with the nature in several times such as you make the hiking trip to the Mountain. You can drive a boat in the Sea, camping in the jungle Etc. I will give you about the benefit of using perception is you can be creative person, be bold person, be discipline person, be visionary leader, be musician, Etc.

You may hear that there are many successful people in this world are wasting their time to contact with nature so often because they already knew that the biggest skill to change the world is creating and enhancing their perception power, that’s the main reason why they insist to contact with nature in several times, once your perception’s power is enhanced, it is will lead you a hint to recognize the invisible thing namely the meaning of life. 

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