What is the mindset theory?

In this topic I would like to talk about mindset, maybe you hear so much about the mindset, mindset is the ultimate power because it can create the unlimited potential by keep learning, learning and learning, as theory says “mindset is set of attitudes or fixed idea that everybody has and it’s often difficult to change”.

Mindset can alter where human really want to go there, mindset doesn’t have ear to hear, it doesn’t have eye to watch, it doesn’t have mouth to speak, and it doesn’t have skin to taste, mindset is just having the unlimited power like water, but the water can form into any shape, any size and it has weight, the water will flow when you open your mindset and sincerely to accept the failure.

Let’s play the game to fix our mindset, imagine that you are water, when you want to get the knowledge from teapot, you just flow and fill into the teapot, finally you unintentionally have mindset like a teapot, another example, when you see the bottle, you just need to flow and fill into the bottle, so you have the same mindset like bottle. Your first mission to get the important thing in this life is be humble, so you can start emptying your idealism, egoism, and dignity.

Sometimes we need to blame ourselves with self-unknowing mistake, but in the fact human has no culture to begin his life and instead they start to make a dispute to one place to another one, they start to swindle from one person to another person, that I call it “the human lives in darkness” so they have been paralyzed with evil.
Mindset originally has no future and no hope, the only thing we should know is guiding your mindset with your conscious mind, your intuition and your subconscious mind,  I would like to remind you again, don’t ever try to stop believing with your life path, if your life path doesn’t work, make a new thing and change your belief system.