What is the obsessive mind?

In this topic I would like to talk about the obsessive mind, it’s often to be utilized by someone who trust his feeling to focus on particular thing or person because there‘s something attractive inside there, beside that obsessive mind sometimes can generate human’s willpower to make him thinks too much or concern to the object.
When you feel that you are having obsessive mind, you must have the strong reason enough before you embody it, the reason is important thing rather than feeling because the strong reason will make you possess the determination to take the consequent to your life path, and feeling unspecific object just makes the constant interruptions.

When you are student at adolescence age, you like to spend your time being to observe the comic book, the animation figure, the racer car, etc. what do you have in mind at that time, of course you feel everything around you can have it all, when do you have such idea? That’s coming from the obsessive mind.
The obsessive mind helps you to ignite your innermost feeling to learn something attractive and it keeps you busy such as businessman, as if you started to build your craft and you multiply the number of your craft and you sell it to somebody else.

The obsessive mind often transforms to the hobby such as hiking in the mountain, reading books, swimming, writer, catch a fish, Etc. when you like something that you think it is very important to you, you will observe it, spend your most time to do it, I would suggest that you keep going to do it as long as it has good influence to someone else. There’s good news; the obsessive mind will level your creative up and you can build the legacy to your own idea as many as you can, don’t let anyone else destroy your obsessive mind because that it is your ultimate resources.