What is the past time mean?

Now I am going to talk about the past time, time is divided by 3 kinds; past, present and tomorrow, past time is the type of time being which has a duty to save something happened in the universe and it would not be repeated in another times although it was deliberately to be repeated, in the end result, any part of event would not be ending same either location or situation, every events still existed but it was trapped forever and it would not be intervened by another time such present time or tomorrow time.

This is not easy to comprehend about the typical time because time itself has limited resource and the main duty of time is saving something happen in this universe or calculating something happen in this universe, No single human being can escape freely from time’s calculation, everything is saved and all became a memory.

Every memory will not able to be touched by human’s five sense and also it can’t be repeated in the same result even though you have free time, the main reason is time itself has limited resource to repeat the all event, once you desire to repeat or touch it, the end result of memory is just making you regret or making you being ungrateful person.

Memory only can be remembered by utilizing your power of imagination but don’t even try to dwell too long in the past memory because it can bring the bad consequent to your soul’s location, the bad consequent is making your soul trapped in unknown space and your soul can’t learn something important in the present time, as philosopher said “yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is gift”

As Almighty God said 1400 years ago in the Holy Qur'an about the most important about the time “all human being was verily in lost except people who those  have true faith to Al mighty God, people do good deeds, exhort another people to be patient and exhort another people to follow the truth”