What is the super consciousness?

In this topic I would like to talk about the meaning of super consciousness which is belonged to human’s resources, this is kind of highest level resources from God’s creation and He gives to Human being because it can help human being to shape his destiny in this world, this is not easy to get the resourcefulness from super consciousness, you need to feel adversity in any part of circumstance.
In the daily life, super consciousness often changes his shape to become intuition and super consciousness sometimes gives the alternative idea to human being where there’s promising path in this life matter, so the promising path can gives the human being’s power to make a wise decision when problem comes.

 the first thing we must know that not all human being are too concerned about the super consciousness because human being is too busy working at the visible job rather than keeping busy to search the ultimate resourcefulness within human’s resources, I would like to tell you one thing there is few type of human who has succeed to recognize who he is and what’s value he possess.
Ok, let we clarify one by one from the statement above, when human being is being asked about who are you, 99% people are failed to answer that question because the answer only can be answered when human have found the unlimited wealth in his conscious mind.

Sometimes we can’t just sit and watch the universe’s history, we need to break up our old fashioned and our old mindset concerning with the universe system, the equality between human being and the universe are having same unlimited resourcefulness, but in reality the universes keeps moving such gear’s function, running over and over again but unfortunately the human being are stillness and make slower move.
So human being needs to switch his principle to become gear mode if he is willingness to find his resourcefulness, the simple action human being must do if he wants to activate the super consciousness namely keep improving the mindset and practice every day in adversity.

The benefits of having super conscious mind is you can become sage person who has powerful emotional state in heart; your mind can travel to access human thinking way, you can access the universe’s knowledge without being taught by your teacher at school because the universe itself is your truly teacher.