What is the unconscious mind?

In this topic I would like to describe about the unconscious mind, this is not the first time people have heard about the unconscious mind. It’s related to existing or happening in circumstance but on the other hand you are not realizing or being unaware of something, the unconscious mind is beginning when you are in injury because of accident, or you are in sleeping mode, the unconscious mind also has another meaning; it’s state that you are unable to understand what happening within yourself although you are opening your eyes, the main problem is you are lack of gaining the knowledge about the human resource.

Basically there are many opinions to be discussed together regarding the unconscious mind’s meaning, the first opinion you should know is you are being unaware of something because you already inactivate the mind resource from your conscious mind, that we call it you are in sleeping mode, the second opinion you should know is you realize something that you have a goal or target in your life but you haven’t committed to fulfill it with your entirely life, the third opinion you should know is the lack of knowledge is making you stay in unconscious mind even though you are in aware mode, you keep studying and studying about the matter because you are lack of knowledge, that’s part of unconscious mind as well.

The greatest success is coming from the part of journey from unconscious mind to entirely conscious mind, so keep learning and learning in every day situation by activating your mind resources, I would like to suggest you to stop being self-righteous and stop riding your emotional state to entirely satisfaction, if you keep going like that in many ways, you deliberately educate your conscious mind to become the unconscious mind state.