What kind of revolution I should possess?

Today I would like to talk about revolution, the main purpose between dream and revolution are making every shape of creativity to become realistic target, when we first time hear about revolution, it seems complicated and hardly to be explained to someone else because every single revolution is dwelling in personal dream world, instead of dwelling in someone else’s dream world.

When someone is trying to reveal about kind of revolution, means he wants to change himself in way of working, belief, life pattern, thinking, attitude, etc. and it can affect to large numbers of people, so basically every revolution can be embodied to the real life when someone put his attention to the little thing in every life moment he touches.

For example to make revolution: I want to learn Chinese language, at the first step I would like to buy Chinese book as tutorials, then I would hire a Chinese tutor, and he will give me a homework, he demands me to memorize every words, making mistake during , practice in making mistake, over and over again, you will do it to change the impossible thing becomes possible thing, year by year you contact with mistake, every mistake will get you smarter, so there’s no instant result to make revolution, that’s the purpose of revolution.

The kind of revolution should be living in your life when you are committing with your revolution, and have determination to achieve the excellent despite it is having ghastly problem, bravery to make mistake during make a change is part of revolution, you shouldn’t be afraid what you are doing because making mistake is showing that you evolve yourself to become qualified person, now I would like to suggest you to make revolution; consider yourself as captive in jail and you have nowhere else to go but focus to practicing your craft.