What kind of value I should possess in this life?

Today I would like to talk about the value, there are many values in this life, several of them have changed human’s life and several of them have lost from human’s life, it sounds insurmountable problem, but in this topic I would like to reveal the solution why there are many people have lost of values in their life.

Every value in this universe is unlimited resources, now we don’t learn about calculating the number of planet from it, but we can learn the belief system from the universe, maybe you can’t feel about the unlimited powerful energy existence because one to another are limitless, keep going through, focus on what they are doing, discipline in practice, follow the pattern and unable to change the direction substance (universe's belief system).

Those characters above mentioned are owned by soil, water, wind, fire, thunderbolt, sand, sun, star, bush, tree, Etc. regarding the characters above I would like to ask you, does the universe’s character bring value to human being?  Absolutely yes, sadly the problem is, not all people are getting awareness about value’s meaning because most people are busy to do the inessential thing in this life such as go to work, go home, eat snack, (everyday doesn’t build up the legacy).

The most important value is coming from the way of life of the universe’s life substance, it seems insurmountable to learn from it, but I believe if human succeeds to learn something from the universe’s belief system, he is going to be life mastery who can resolve to everything problem from someone else’s.

I would remind you about the meaning of value; it’s related to something important in human’s belief system which it can’t be exchanged with another goods then you improve your belief system to be magnetic resource, as from today till another days if we want to get the remarkable value from this universe’s belief system, we must start to feel everything in this life with passion, integrity and decisiveness.