What the meaning of concentrated in science?

Today I would like to talk about the meaning of concentrated in science; there is compound substance by chemical reaction is having of two or more element in fixed amount and those elements are forming the new substances in order to become stronger, when it already stronger, it will be separated from the water or other recessive element has been removed.

By combining one or more element and make it to be united, this is bringing new formula and it is going to create the dominant character and it will dissipate the other substance which is no longer stronger because the dominant character succeeds to regenerate and evolve.

Concentrated in chemical substance into the universe is having the same characteristic and having same working process with the human’s regeneration, the aim of concentration is trying to create new regeneration and becoming the strongest among all the element substance, please look at the example such as the child brain and the adult brain, those concentration in human bodies within are experiencing the regeneration process to create new chemical substance reaction and they are making competition against the recessive reaction, the main reason; those dominant reaction are trying become strongest and destroying the recessive reaction, finally dissipating the residue reaction through human anus, urine or sweat.

One thing I would like to share, the concentration process is happened in human characteristic as well, and one substance reaction will shows new better reaction when human shows positive attitude such as sincerity, focus, wise, the relentless effort, perseverance, discipline, obedience and decisiveness.

In addition every strongest chemical reaction will create the positive chemical substance reaction once the human being shows the positive attitude in the daily ritual because the only one reason those concentration will change  its component element, it becomes strong, it the consequently influences the human being to possess the invincible feeling in his mentality.