What the most important between reactive and proactive in business?

In this topic I would like to talk about the two of dominant character of human being, namely reactive and proactive, these characters will work when human determines to make respond whether he wants to work on the circumstance fields or he is willingly to work in to the circumstance, what is the difference? Of course there’s much different, when you are working in to the circumstance, you prefer to choose and work as factory labor, employee staff, student, shopkeeper, Etc. But when you are working on to the circumstance, you prefer to choose and work as CEO, businessman, visionary leader, Etc.
if you’re kind of person who is having the reactive characteristic more dominant rather than proactive characteristic, you would better to spend more time to learn, also you will receive more and more resources from the place you spend with and the resource drives you to the fixed term and fixed life.

On the other hand if you are kind of person who is having the proactive characteristic more dominant rather than reactive characteristic, you are not going to learn everything unless you make a mistake, you will face more risky and you will find unlimited wealth within yourself, every mistake you make, you will get smarter. You may not go anywhere except you concentrate to face of every possibility and  every opportunity may happen.

I will remind you again, proactive character and reactive character are gift from God, He knows the human’s capacity, every human’s action will create reaction, and also there’s must be responsibility within itself, you are not allowed to forget about it, if you don’t know how to change your character from reactive to proactive, you must take the good example from the successful person and you must associate with proactive person, one day you will get the same result with proactive person does.