What the most important of state in focus?

The state of focus is the regeneration from the subconscious mind which is evolved and focus has been collected when human already make a practice in every day, you must know that the universe is keep moving and will not crash from one to another because the ultimate focus is always consistent.

Human being can learn something useful from the universe’s working when he is willingly to know the main purpose in this life, as human being, we can’t just sit together with partners and make a chit chat, remember that human being has the limited time to discuss about the purpose of life, so must restrict our habit and step forward to take the responsibility.

Focus will not make you stronger than before, focus is making you concern about the some details in your life patch, focus will help you to strip away your inessential life which it always block your potential energy and your conscious power, you can try to imagine what will happen if pilot is not concentrating when he is driving the airplane in the sky? The big disaster will come soon.

The most important of focus is the decisiveness, so it can influence the human being to create the fabulous choice in this life, every life needs focus, the tree needs focus during growth rate, a child needs focus to learn language when his mother talk to him.

Focus is the main gate towards the subconscious mind to collect unlimited resourcefulness such perseverance, discipline, passion, survive, belief, explicit, super consciousness, and other emotional state, we can’t just rely on conscious mind because some essential things in human’s mind will not working correctly when there’s no focus.

To attract the focus’s power, you need to sharp your vision by imagining the target’s figure and sharp your intuition, for your information that image and voice are part of super power consciousness which can attractive the highest level of focus, so please active your focus by imagining better than as usual.