What the most important to be learned in this life?

In this topic I would like to talk about the important thing should be learned in this life, in this universe there are lot of mystery when human being doesn’t have much time to disclose all of mystery within, so we need to make it simpler and hopefully human being can spend their time wisely to learn several important thing before they are passed away from this world, I am really sure every unlocked mystery from the universe can lead human being to the new area with full of rejoice and also full of peace.

So we need to reduce from the biggest thing to the smallest thing, and the smallest thing we can call it as specialism, it started from the school lesson which it is taught to every student who studies there, at the school lesson they learn how to write, read, listen and speak, on the other hand there’s self-education which is taught by the universe to human being such as rotation, natural’s voice, gravitation, mass, energy, mountain, river, Etc.
If everyone wants to learn the important thing into the specific area, he must recognize what kind of field he wants to focus onto it, don’t bother to spend the time to learn all the universe’s knowledge because human being has limited time to disclose it, when someone has succeeds to focus on the specific area, he needs to unlock his potential to be diversified.

I would suggest you there are the most important area need to be learned as the priority, the first thing is fixing your purpose of life and choose what belief are you willingly to concern with; the second thing is gain the knowledge to learn the excellence thing in this life, the third thing is having good principle and always commit from it.