What the principle of money in this life?

Today I would like to talk about the principle of money, first thing I suggest you is don’t ask money to give you value, but ask yourself to create your eternal value by building your own legacy such knowledge and integrity, the principle of money is exchanging something with human’s eternal value, this is not easy to create the eternal value because there’s another enemy to prevent us to build our eternal value namely ourselves who lives within our soul.
                           our enemy lies within our soul

If you are doing something what you love but it hasn’t improved everything to be better and it always makes you lost the valuable thing in your life. That is our enemy’s principle, every time our enemy will offer the doubt feeling which it can creep in your heads and also it makes you lost your valuable thing, all you need to do is preventing the enemy’s action by building your value and make it as eternal value such improve your knowledge in everyday situation, maintain your emotional feeling in everyday situation.

The eternal value can’t be bought by the money or property; the eternal value can create something useful by itself and sometimes the eternal value can add value to the people around you once they want to listen you, the poor people usually change their times by making money and the rich people usually change their time by making the eternal value, so the rich people are creating the eternal value for himself, not behalf for money or not behalf for fame.

Practicing in every day doesn’t always bring huge profit but if you want to get an endless profit, you must consider practicing is the only activity which is making you happier, and then the endless profit will take the valuable thing from your practicing result. Don’t just wait someone else to help you or wait someone else to fix your life, because waiting is just wasting our time in addition every human has own responsibility until they will die.


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