What should I do if I am to be jealous man

               This topic will lead you to the common truth about the life of society who always be jealous when seeing something great in front of them, this is part of social living, so it is inevitable thing in this life, jealous is part of social level difference and everyone will understand despite difficulty to be standardized, when some people will try to surpass your knowledge and your skill, they seem to challenge you in order to prove which one will be better.
              To measure how deep the feeling jealous to someone else, we must distract his attention and try to catch what the most impact will make someone feels jealous, first thing we should know is a jealous man doesn’t like any competition because he is always worry and nervous.

              Feeling jealous is part of announcement that you must raise your standard before someone else will put his feeling of jealous upon you, jealous is not always having terrible but in the positive side, if you want to see someone else will be jealous to your success, you must do something that no one else can do like what you did in the past, then you keep consistent to do better than before, the more someone else becomes jealous the more you are stepping ahead, that’s prove you are very meant to be new, I know when someone is feeling jealous to others, this feeling will bring the consequent and will force your life to be broken down especially in standard of living, but if you are not willing to change yourself, you always be jealous person because you are losing self-control upon yourself and you let thousand people out there will step ahead.

              My suggestion is you should be having jealous characteristic to your success which is happening in the future, so your future’s success will motivate you automatically in this moment, becoming jealous to yourself is better rather than being jealous to someone else’ success because you can write down to your success’s story, in the end, let other people will be having jealous to you. 

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