What should I do with my weak point?


             In this section I would like to expand about the meaning of weak point, everyone has weak spot, I know it’s very difficult to be confessed with reasonable mind, weak point is not considered as disaster, but weak point can be nourished with other people’s help, weak point doesn’t same with limitation, the meaning of weak point is  lack of successful from your capability due to you are not willingly to develop it, so you will not find yourself to be confident, on the other hand, the meaning of limitation is something can’t be changed because it part of human nature and it depends on someone who is not interested or not to accept the limitation, if someone willingly to accept his limitation, his another skill unintentionally will grow up to another field area, there is one solution to accept the weak point "when you are seeing someone  else is in good talent, you can measure yourself and accustom with him but if you are seeing in someone else's weak point, you must reflect to your own"

           There are many methods to develop the weak point, the first step to develop the weak point is you must often to make some critical questions towards yourself, so this is one of practical way in order to measure your emotion feeling. For example: “what can I do if I fail?” this type of question will make you are feeling down, you can change the question like this “if I will not take action now, how much loss will cost me?” The second step to develop the weak point is you start to change your focus from the fear into solution, when you imagine about the fear, then you can try to ask someone’s help to make you find a solution.

           As adolescence, most young men are so often to behave careless because they don’t know between the limitation and the weak point area, so they will take a risk in order to know whether they are suitable to accept a challenge or flee away, as for my opinion, the weak point is part of blank area can be filled with idealism, talents, Etc. please use your point of view to accept the weak point and fill it with your purpose.


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