What’s the meaning of unlimited wealth?

In this topic I would like to talk about unlimited wealth, as you know that God creates the unlimited wealth and spread it in the universe, unlimited wealth is utilized for supplying to all kind of creature’s life, we should realize that the unlimited wealth had given to human being as life test in order to know whether human being can take care of its existence or human being is irresponsible about its existence.
Let we learn about the characteristic of unlimited wealth; it’s boundless, no maximum capacity, it’s no shapeless, it’s incalculable, it can’t be bought with money, it can’t be bought with a property or legacy, it’s invisible, it is countless. All by means they have not value, as famous philosopher said “don’t look a price because price has no value but the value can buy a price”.

I will try to widen your mindset about the unlimited wealth, God gives the unlimited wealth to human being if human being knows how to unlocked the seal, not at all human being are allowed to unlock it, all you have to do to unlock the unlimited wealth within yourself is by GIVING, not TAKING, the more you give what your value to all creatures, the more opportunity of unlimited wealth is unlocked to welcome you.

Now we will try to elucidate about the type of unlimited wealth; the first unlimited wealth is having the deep belief in Almighty God, the second unlimited wealth is having fabulous healthy, the third unlimited wealth is having the vast knowledge including skillful, creativity, and Etc. the fourth unlimited wealth is having longevity and having the nature death, the fifth unlimited wealth is having a good attitude /sage mode/positive attitude including inner peace.

We can conclude about the unlimited wealth; as human being, we are born not just being picky child, we are nurtured to become truly leader in this universe, so we can take as much as responsibility and prove that you deserve to obtain the unlimited wealth from God.