Why adding new value in our business can bring the most benefit in our Life?

In this topic I would like to talk about adding value to my business, the question is how can by adding value can give benefit to my business, what’s the relation? Adding value means adding good memory to your customer’s life experience, so that’s part of marketing strategy will make you becoming someone  as their new resourcefulness, then I believe time by time your name/your product will be remembered in customer and they will do anything to bring same benefit to you as you did for them in the past.  

Bringing good influence is the best participant to help you to upgrade your business system, the reason is the more benefit information you bring it on, the more information you can get from your customer’s experience, that we call win to win solution. In business system, there is nothing to do with your today’s quality product, but business system needs the operator, the operator is your mindset to make your product more efficiency and reduce variability, so you must create something to make your information is not only qualified but also unique, when your mindset has influenced as many as people in the world, the customer will look for you and test your product’s quality, finally you can collect their testimony to update your reputation.

I know everyone knows and hear about the business system, but not at all people want to try, the reason so simple, “the business will bring the risk a lot and there’s competitor”, in this life there’s always competitor and risk, if you don’t want to see the risk, you will not make a mistake, the biggest risk in this life is stop trying, if you don’t want to see any competitor in your life, please take more responsibility, be humble, be creative, be visionary and be unique person to service more and more people.