Why adult person feel confident in making loss?

Today I would like to talk about the feel confident, many people consider feeling confident is the first step to walk forward into passion, but not at all people want to take much loss, they are many factors in society’s habit why making loss is arousing the people mindset.

The reason why people feel confident is they had successful story in the pastime, they had experienced to solve the ghastly problem, they have many references to give them solution, and they have enough extra money to allocate the loss effect.

You must remember The greedy characteristic is just giving people the dangle dream in their conscious mind , so their imagination just dawdle along with the huge profits,  that big problem which often happens to many people who are not having enough resources to control them.

Sometimes we can’t avoid in making loss but before we make loss, at least we have free time to practice from the trusted references and learn how to prevent huge loss especially we are starting in business; the first rule of business is “don’t lose your private money in starting the business” the only thing you should do during starting the business is losing your time and losing your energy only.

Working at company is part of business, you don’t need to pay a fine or make the down payment to the organization or the marketer, you just need to lose your time or lose your energy only, so be careful when you are starting own business at the first time because everyone has talent to become the marketer and the marketer usually uses his most valuable skill to attract people such as persuasion.

We can’t be confident person when we lose the knowledge because it is the true gift from Almighty God, sometimes sum of money just makes us trapped in the space where we don’t know exactly where we are. The meaning of loss is you are become world slavery, then you don’t know exactly about who you are and what you are doing in this world, don’t let money makes you to be slavery, but change the principle of money to idolize your principles of life, the principle of money is exchanging something with your eternal value, the money is just making you lost your eternal value such as integrity, determination, intellectual, wisdom and freedom.