Why breaking the old habit is very difficult?

Now I am going to talk about the habit, human being has been educated since they were child, since being a child, he was accustomed to listen more information from parents, every lesson has been absorbed by child mindset and then every lesson will shape a pattern, finally it becomes a habit.

Although child has habit, sadly he still doesn’t recognize whether he is doing true or wrong by applying his habit in any kind of circumstance, sometimes habit doesn’t make practicable once it is applied in somewhere because habit is just old program which was implanted by his parent or his environment, the only way we can change a habit is making more mistake and more mistake every time you will make the first attempt.

The only way we can learn from child positive habit is we must taste the bitter struggle, perseverance, keep learning although we are lack of knowledge, that is the main reason a child keeps crawling on the floor when he is going to learn how to walk, although he is falling down in the floor 100 times, he is not afraid to keep falling down until he succeeds to stand firmly, the secret of success is child doesn’t use logic to make the first attempt, he would prefer to follow his intuition although he doesn’t know how to explain and he doesn’t know how to feel it.

When child passed by his adolescence, he becomes the adult person, then he upgrades his old habit by following his lust of life, in this section, I would remind you that most people are trapped to his lust because he lacks of resources such as decisiveness, sensible, logic, patience, and vision. That’s reason why most people can’t break his old habit for entirely life because he is following his lust pattern and lack of resources to control his lust, he should realize that lust has unlimited pattern, the more he follows his lust, the more chance to get him into the mousetrap; to end the old habit, you must create the  new habit pattern