Why do I have the negative thoughts all the time?

In this topic I would like to talk about the reason why so many people are having the negative thought all the time, the answer is people can’t differentiate between their negative thought and their mindset, that is big deal and we need to elaborate about how to defuse the negative thought from mindset.

The question we can ask to whose the negative thought is “how much the precious time you make for negative thought?” It’s really sure that the question must be answered because it determines whether you are valued person or not, the most value person is someone who can decide how much time he spends to make something to be precious.

Sometimes being hardest person is really needed to waste the inessential thing which is happening in the most day, so you need to calculate how many schedule you have made for a day and make a list about how many the inessential things you have made for a day, Please try to muse it in your leisure time.
One day we will think that we are all going to die”, that’s example I give you in order to make you concentrate a bit about the inessential thing that should be stripped away, the statement you should change the statement “most days we are all not die because we make a hopeful plan and more positive attitude
When we change a bit about the content of statement above lined, we already change our mindset rapidly, so basically there are many things we can change everything including our habit, the bottom thing we should do is we can start to change habit by creating critical statement and make the reasonable reason  to ourselves.

Every reason you make will alter your soul to the new place with full of idealism. The more reason you make, the more inspiration you will get from them. The last thing you can make note is when you succeed to abandon the negative thought, all universe energy will approach you and make your soul alive, it will help you to determine what your purpose.