Why everyone often to get failed at the first attempt?

Today I would like to talk about failing during making the first attempt; this is part of natural habit, natural means this is part of regeneration process which is trying to get the triumph process, making progress also part of natural habit in order to know which purpose can be applied to be purpose-built.

Making mistake at the first attempt is inevitable, because almost the first 25 years every human was trained to listen the voice from parents, neighborhood or maybe teachers which the voices are not our own. All voices fill up human’s head and whisper about wisdom, success, information, punishment, regulation, Etc. on the other hand doubt starts to creep into our heads and our hearts

 Unfortunately most people are too concerned about other people’s voices, we just node their agreement and not seeking our truly main character such as intuition, that the reason why most people are failing at the first attempt, don’t worry about your failure because making a mistake means you are trying to move out from your comfort zone and move to wisdom zone.

I would like to remind you, “kicking yourself from your comfort zone is not easy because you will feel pain, don’t worry pain doesn’t go along with your truly character forever because you already know how to find your intuition character” sometimes every change will bring the pain on the other side every change will bring to the beautiful state.

Please pay more attention about the subconscious mind character, your subconscious mind always kicks out your conscious mind when you haven’t found your truly main character, all you need to do is being self-taught person, keep learning to collect as many as failure until your failure result will show you to the best solution you haven’t noticed beforehand.

Don’t blame to your failure result because failure means teaching you how to find your true character such having the determination to set you free by achieving your dream/ambition, if you don’t have enough courage to find your main character, you will trap to your subconscious mind space. Please muse this note to your mind “making the first attempt doesn’t mean you will get success sooner, but the greatest successful effort comes from your completely attempt calculation”


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