Why following the satisfaction is really dangerous?

Today I would like to talk about the dangerous thing in this life, one of the dangerous things is following the satisfaction in everyday, maybe you will ask me the reason why this principle is dangerous, I will definitely answer that reason in this topic, I have several reasons to prove that following the satisfaction is dangerous.
The first reason is every satisfaction make you procrastinated something important to the next move/step after you achieved in the previous goal, the second reason is every satisfaction will make you forgot to learn a new thing in the particular situation, the third reason is every satisfaction will interfere your consistency during targeting something in your scheduled time, the fourth reason is every satisfaction will create feeling of arrogant/proud in every success element you achieved in the past time, the fifth reason is every satisfaction will break your current value in your life, the sixth reason is every satisfaction will not stabilize your state of emotion.

the real meaning of satisfaction is keep learning to every life moment you have touched with your decisiveness, instead of following human's satisfaction feeling, I have heard many history of successful people, but sadly they can’t get any value from something they earned from it, please look at the Famous singer and the Legend King of rock and roll “Elvis Presley”, he had produced many royalties from the song album started from 1950s until now, in the end result, he died because of consuming the drugs, most of people didn’t know the reason why Elvis Presley committed to do the dangerous activity, in the fact he had just enjoyed his glamorous life and feeling fulfilled during his time period, finally he forgot about what values or legacy he built during making career, that is serious consequence because he was keeping satisfied.

There are many stories which are happening to successful people who can’t get any value from their life because exaggerating their feeling of satisfaction, it sounds insurmountable problem, I would like to share how to avoid feeling of satisfaction, the first thing you must do is staying foolish although you are valued by someone else as egghead person, the second thing you must do is feeling impelled to keep you learning from the trusted resourcefulness as if tomorrow there’s life examination to await you. 

this universe are too big to be learned by human’s time being, seeking the universe’s belief system as much as you can if you want to be the unique person, being the unique is better than the being number one because being number one makes you becoming the excellent person from most people but if you intend being the unique person, it makes you becoming the only one in this universe.