Why having determination is more important than cleverness?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the benefit of determination rather than cleverness, please look at the stone’s philosophy “as long as there is no movement from outside force, the stone will remain stay” so the lesson we can take from the stone is don’t just wait someone to help you even try to fix your life, you are just wasting your time.

When we want to change our life pattern, sometimes we need to dismantle it and rebuild with new foundation, forget the pastime, forgive your mistake in the past and pave a new life path with the liveliness and take determination to achieve the excellence things.

There is nothing to say about being late to change yourself, once you want to change your life, every day always opportunity to make change, the first step you must do to change your life is taking as much as responsibility and engage the determination to set the short period plan such doing homework, make science work, etc.
              wisdom can see the whole world but cleverness can't

Now we look at the cleverness, when you have cleverness in your mindset, you just train your focus to make accurate, precisely at the one target only and you can’t have a freedom and wisdom in your life, cleverness make you stopped to be creative person, even though clever is important in your life and bring impact to your lifestyle, cleverness make you stay in one field area.

When you have enough strong reason and have enough determination, you can focus by doing what you love and spend your time to practice your craft, in the final result determination is making you to be different person and you will embody the great success what other people won’t do in their rest of life. Having strongest determination is making you consistent and endures to what you love to do and you are being unstoppable type of person.