Why a hope can’t be predicted by human being in near future ?

In this topic I would like to reveal the mystery about hope, new hope often can’t be predicted where it comes because that’s part of guidance, not your last destination, so when you can predict that every new hope is coming, you will not get a chance to get the opportunity and also your capability isn’t developed, sometimes we need to make one hundred of mistakes in order to get a value in this life, mistake is the more attractive rather than success because without collecting a mistake, who will teach you how to improve your potential?

Before we react to be judgmental person, we would better to create the opportunity which is lies the mistake, a small mistake or big mistake are the real guru / teacher in this life, you must remember that you will not get the true happiness in the future when you can’t be happy person during making failure today.
You can start to welcome the mistake as if you were being successful person in the near future, mistake will not guarantee you to become successful person but mistake can teach you how to become sage person, once you change yourself becoming a sage person, all the positive energy from the universe will run together for you. Sometimes Hope and mistake are often dwelling in the same place, they can grow together faster than human’s effort.  All the thing human can do is pulling back a hope and mistake and put them inside into mindset.

They can’t be separated in distance, but if you separate hope and mistake from distance, you will not get motivated and you will lose a hope, finally you become a lazy person or undeveloped person. Change mindset can drive you to the happiness field where many people will not touch it except yourself.

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