Why the human being must have a good principle?

I would like to talk about the good principle, every principle will create different creation, when human has principle, he will create a vision, so the purpose of principle is leading the human being to achieve the particular thing and restrict the human’s mindset to ascertain the human’s action would fit with the rule he made by himself, the characteristic of principle is influence, restrict, straight and addictive.

Without having principle, the people will not do everything better in the daily life in addition, people will start to reduce the potential existence, you should know the most dangerous thing is if the human being doesn’t want to create his own principle in this life, consequently human follows the life circumstance and it will make human was trapped as prisoner.

Before having principle human must have good habit, human being must be trained and suitable with good habit first plus they have been surrounded with righteous people, so every basic of good principle ensures the human’s action will not touch the bad or evil principle in the rest of his life.

I will give you the example of evil principle, the famous leader of Serbia: Slobodan Milosevic, he is war wanted criminals and he was responsible for raping, torturing of thousands human being’s life, he just killed human being in order to fulfill his satisfaction and punish of whomever not following his principle, another example, Adolf Hitler, the famous Nazi party leader, he had succeeded to kill 6,000,000 the Jewish people during he became a president in German on his time period.  

Now we talk about good principle, here are The benefits of having the good principle; the first good benefit is you can convince yourself to live with your own life, your own dignity, your worth, instead of living in someone else’s dream, the second good benefits is you don’t need to follow someone else’s principle to chase your dream, you just focus to what your own valuable and take responsible from it, the third good benefits is you are being unique person unlike having the common people’s life or having the common people’s problem.