Why the human being must learn from the fish’s life system?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the reason why the fishes stream against the river current, you must take a note there many philosophy of the fishes we can learn from it, the first thing we can learn from the fishes; the fishes body always show the flexible movement during swimming across the river and their fins navigate the fishes body position to inform there’s dangerous will approach to them, once the river current direction goes against the fishes stream, the fishes feels at ease because the biggest river current will not able to interfere to the fishes habitual system and also the fishes believe the life system.

Please look at the human’s life, once the problem welcomes them; most of them start to use the emotional feeling rather than using the human resources such creativity in order to find solution, humans are too concern about the moment what was in the past and the moment what will be in the future, that’s reason humans tend to fail.

Humans should learn from the fish habit, the fishes do not too concern about strong current from the river and the fishes don’t too concern about the dirty water or the waste, because they believe about life system and live through with it, the fishes keep swimming to survive, there is no option for the fish to complain about the circumstance, they choose whether to dead or alive, they tend to keep alive.

As human being, they should smarter than the fishes, use the intelligent to learn something from the fishes when the humans meet the insurmountable problem, please look again about the fish life system “as long as there’s water around them, and they use water to keep alive or find food”, the fish has two principal resources namely the fin and the water to keep survive and live through in the water although the water substance is being contaminated by the waste, otherwise the humans have the two principal resources namely the intelligent and the belief system, so the human can learn from the fish life system if humans tend to succeed.