Why I am always failed

In this topic I would like to reveal about fail, this is common truth will happen to every human being, most people are failed in the first step because some of them are not willingly to feel the process of journey and they start to imagine the shadow of failure which will happen in the future, and that’s big mistake which often being made by the low class people.

So in this section we need to alter the low class people to the different place and help them to accept new idea, fail is like students who spend the time to learn at the school, every day they will receive the hundreds of test from the teacher in order to upgrade their knowledge.

Before we make a mistake, at least we make a plan to minimize the risk impact from our carelessness we made, so it doesn’t matter when someone makes a mistake, as long as someone knows how to self-control and have another idea up his sleeve.
The amount of failure will not effect to the people who always spend the time to being happy, whether there’s someone is successful or unsuccessful to achieve the target, the important thing is person knows about the self-assessment and always improve the vision to know how far your effort run last?

 The biggest problem in this life is someone has never failed and stop learning and stop believing the purpose of life, I will give you special note “please keeping in mind about the meaning of failure when you already became successful person because one day you will miss the failure and you want to meet with higher level of failure in order to take the higher success level”. Sometimes getting a success 100 %: needs 98 % failure + learning, 1 % optimist and 1 % miracle. As from now, when someone asks you what cause someone often get the failure in this life, you can answer the cause of failure is he just does what he can do and never try to evolve.