Why I am not allowed to imagine the expectation?

In this topic I would like to reveal about expectation, there are several opinions from people to people how to describe the meaning of expectation in the reality, maybe there are many people in out there don’t believe to see the real thing in their mind, instead they just started to unleash the power of focus to the expectation, this is contradicted image will influence people to immobilize their real action.

Sometimes too much expectation will deceive people’s mind and it will keep people away from the goal, when the power of expectation succeeds to stay inside the people’s mind, it will change the human’s dream becomes a fantasy, be careful with such menace because it will frighten your life, on the other hand, the power of expectation can be changed into the progression plan when people have completed his progression plan and implement it to the real thing.

Be careful when you want to use your power of focus because when someone misplaces the power focus into target, it can mess everything although it’s valuable, use your power of to create a vision, improve attitude, improve habit and find a solution, that’s reasonable reason to stop where the expectation’s coming.
Being imaginative person is more likely a child is trying to stroke something to the painting paper, it would better to imagine about the strategy rather imagining the expectation because imagining is part of progression otherwise imagining the expectation will stop your idealism.

Idealism will make you an idealist, an idealist gets the particular idea from what he imagines from the past and he wants to pull it back to the plan, and a plan is being created to give a command to the body, so body’s movement will follow what you imagine about.  Hopefully you start to change your intention and your habit, because two options will give you a hint to the unlimited source.

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