Why I am not allowed to look at the past time for too long?

In this moment I would like to share a bit regarding my life story, when I was child, I knew nothing about the purpose of life, I always had been pushed to listen more and more from the adult people’s direction at that time, I didn’t know whether I did it because I was right or wrong but I felt that I did it for insensibility.

Year by year I was convinced to think the same idea as the adult people did, but I forced to do it because I was thinking that there was no meaningful words at that time, so I was being fussy because I couldn’t control my emotional state, and there’s professional developer said to me “whatever you did in the past, you must be new guy today because your past mistake always can hurt you when you repeat till today and there was no longer sufficient time for you when you wished to return to the past time”.

So I began to understand what the meaning of time being, our time is not loop, but it’s moving forward, whenever you are ready or not, the time always keep running faster than you, all you have to do is keep running with your life mission and dispose the inessential thing which can make your move slower, every time is having an opportunity, when you missed out of it, you are lose.

Time didn’t care about you whether you were successful or unsuccessful, time is just giving you the opportunity to collect the unlimited wealth from this universe and also one day you will be asked to take responsibility of your life and give a report to God about what did you do with the time.

Time is the creature from God, it has been created to coincide with the universe was being made in billion years ago, the main mission of time being is accompanying every creatures in this universe and watch over the creatures  to fulfill their respective mission to Almighty God. The main purpose of human life is searching God’s creation such as learning from His creation, eating from His creation, living with his creation, keep guarding his creation without making destruction, worship to Him only ( not trying to find the associated partner as another God) and also not forget to say thanksgiving to Him. so every decision depends on you, if you wished to return to the past time, you will not evolve and can't blossom like another creatures.