Why I am prohibited to make careless a judgment?

In this topic I would like to discuss about the judgment, in this life has the regulation which can’t be compromised by human being, willing or not the human being must accustom himself with circumstance which is suddenly happening, No one can escape from the mistake when the mistake wants to approach him and also the mistake will not stay longer in the human who has sincerely to accept the mistake as his ultimate mistaken.
Maybe you will think that’s sound absurdity, that’s life really want. Human has two options, human follows the life’s rule or human rejects it, when human wants to follow the life’s rule, this life will teach human to achieve something different by making failure in several times. In reverse when human rejects the life’s rule, he will never find himself at peace and also he never comes back to the original body because his soul is fleeing way.

The character of good judgment is utilizing the strong reason rather than utilizing his innermost feeling at the first time, and good judgment will not make someone else feeling hurt, in addition good judgment will motivate someone else to do something useful. Besides that good judgment often will transform into the unlimited power once someone really accepts it.
The character of careless judgment is magnifying the size of problem and would like to raise the emotional feeling than making the reason, it’s having consequent and bringing the bad impact for other people who are not willingly to accept it, and also will create the dispute. We can conclude from this topic is before making judgment to someone else’s behalf; we need to prioritize judging to our weakness first, once we know our weak point more than anyone can does it, we will not be judged by someone else.

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