Why I couldn’t hear my intuition within my soul?

This topic I would like to talk about the intuition, it’s meaning of intuition is the ability to know something by using your feeling rather than considering the fact. This is not easy to detect intuition because it needs practicing and allows you to make a mistake first.

The intuition really works when you feel lost your way and you feel lonely but in fact you still remain calm, relax, firm and confident by doing something else, the principal reason why not at all people can feel their intuition because they are too busy listen what other people saying and the people are too concern about what news they want to discuss.

The principle of intuition is working like the communication signal device in modern age such as GPS (global positioning system), it’s giving humans the useful information how you make step by step towards the unlimited wealth area, the more you approach the guidance, the more you convince yourself to keep going without any doubt, the main purpose of intuition is navigating human position how to detect the unlimited wealth position precisely, in addition the intuition will never tell lie, and it never demand you to approach the bad things such as the criminal case or doing unproductive activity.

The intuition can work precisely once your conscious mind gives several questions to contact the subconscious mind and you show the relentless effort result, I want to add some information; be careful with doubt because it will destroy your connection between your conscious mind and subconscious mind, and furthermore you would better to make mistake rather than being self-righteous person because being self-righteous makes your egoism will bigger.

Starting now, you must take responsibility as much as you can, once you take the responsibility, your intuition power becomes gradually bigger and you will overcome to control your egoism, let’s move forward our life by changing our habit by emptying our egoism and listen carefully the intuition.