Why I must be a good listener in this life

In this topic I would like to reveal the benefit to becoming a good listener in this life, as you know that basic of education is started with listening, since we were child, we used to listening our parent’s talk, listening the teacher at school, listening people’s critic, listening the windy in the air, listening the machine’s vibration, listening the birdsong, those sound in this life are helping the human to develop his hearing skill.
For your information that listening is part of life essential to create the knowledge rather than talking more, the more you listen something the more information you will get from it and the more you talk more the less meaning from it, so before you talk more to people, you would better to listen first from people who are having  an issue, although you don’t make a solution for them, as long as you want to listen their heart sharing, you will be valued as good person

Especially when you meet with a new acquaintanceship at the first time, No one else wants to listen more from someone else’s talk because they think you probably will burden their capacity of problem, so that’s reason they can’t be a better person, many people think increasing the content during talking is lowering the problem’s size, the answer is Nothing change at all, instead you eat your other problem comes into your mind, you don’t need to increase the content of your speaking way when you have problem, you just need to ask an advice from someone you rely on, and furthermore ask him / her to analyze your problem until they ask you to respond back.

When you succeed to collect some useful information after you selected it from people, you can enhance the content and mix it with your knowledge, one day when you have similar problem, you can overcome it by yourself because you got the problem solving technical from people. One more thing don’t talk too much with people around you although they are your neighborhood because maybe you don’t know what they pick up from your words of mouth

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