Why I should be unique person

            In this topic I would like to share about how to be unique person in this life, being unique doesn’t mean being crazy or abnormal person who stays at asylum but we are being different person who decides an idea to make the thing worked, I know this is not easy being different person, but this is your chance to prove that you have something bigger in your life and when you change your life’s path, you will become the life mastery.

           We all know that most people believe the extra money can make them to be happier person, but for my opinion there are many ways to look for happy, as you know that happy is the only path to get you to the source of happiness, source of happiness can’t be seen by naked eyes but it can be felt by our heart, for the example: the source of happiness is started from the human mindset, serenity, emotional intelligent, and perseverance.
           The unique person always thinks about resolving an issue and look for the source of happiness, the unique person is not willingly to work for money because he knows the money is not interested with human’s life, but the money is only interested with human’s value. The reasonable method is the value has a price, but the price has no value, the human’s value is categorized as experiencing in making failure, vast knowledge, resisting the self-emotional, perseverance, discipline, Etc.
           Now I will test you in order to expand your utmost feeling, what the risk to people who always work for money? The people will live as the same faith as money did, the money can’t resist the human’s emotion, the money can’t create the good vibes, the money will become an obsolete when as the age is changing from time to time.

           I will expand your brain‘s volume about the characteristic of money, the first character is the money has fixed number, non-biologist, it’s mean there’s no regeneration, the second character is the money always changes to the looks only, but the number of price is still fixed, it can’t be regenerated to the unlimited stage. But if we compare with the human’s value which is given by God, the human’s value has unlimited style, it can be regenerated to the other human’s life. If you are feeling a lucky enough, don’t ever change, be unique.