Why I should possess the positive energy

            This topic I would like to discuss about the critical of positive energy which is living through human body, the positive energy is part of verity, when you activate it, you can search something bigger and more important than your life, the positive energy can’t be avoid from its existence, but once you avoid it, you will immobilize your locked potential, do you know why because there is another energy will give you the disastrous life, we call it the negative energy, and furthermore the negative energy can’t attack you physically but it will make you disbelieve to what you possess namely your potential energy , the negative energy is neutral, it will be activated automatically when you fail to manage the positive energy  within yourself, the effect is the more negative energy you will receive and the more you create yourself as imprudent.

            In this life there are always the positive and the negative, and when you fail in earning the positive energy, there is the place which will give you a home schooling, in there God will give you a problem in order to make you keep surviving to earn the positive energy, and also you will learn something different between the negative energy and positive energy, human being is given a logic in his mind and sensible in his heart, so that 2 biggest power which are given by God for human’s sake.

            One thing you should remember is the positive energy can’t be obtained by starting to feel the satisfaction because it’s making you feel undeveloped, the positive energy must be possessed by pushing yourself and identify where your passion flows, when you want to merge between your passion and the positive energy, you must pull as much as the positive energy from the universe. When you succeed to possess the positive energy from the universe, you can create the particular desire and possess the great perseverance in order to drive you go to your big dream. don't let your positive energy is drained because that's ultimate power you should possess, when you are at peace, that's the only way you can recharge the positive energy, Good luck.


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